anet Levine is an author, educator, and presenter. Janet has decades of published writing experience both as a book author and a freelance journalist. She is the author of four published works. For twenty nine years (1986-2014) she taught in the English department at Milton Academy in Massachusetts. She leads workshops and presents programs internationally on the psychology of personality using the  E-model. An anti-apartheid activist, she is an expert on South Africa and South African politics. The founder and leader of several successful non-profit organizations, in South Africa and the United States,  Janet remains a committed activist for human rights.


February 2017: Janet Levine: Latest Book Review: “A Piece of the World” by Christina Baker Cline. See New York Journal of Books.

December 2016: Janet Levine: Latest Book Review: “Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood” by Trevor Noah. See the New York Journal of Books.


July 2013: Ebook edition of “Inside Apartheid” now available at all online retail book outlets. Buy it on Amazon Kindle at:

Levine_-_Inside_Apartheid_-_smallJune 2013: Sold ePub rights to Romanian publisher for Know Your Parenting Personality. The Enneagram is alive.

April 2013:

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January 2013 Portuguese edition of parenting book now available! See it at click on Sopa de Letras


What is Janet Writing?

(Work in Progress) Recent Historical Fiction: Veld Fire

Set in South Africa in 1960 (the year of the Sharpeville massacre) this historical novel uses the power of love to overcome the force of political ideology and illustrates the parallel complexities of gender and race still so evident today. The novel pivots on the love story of two women and how their entanglement in the web of the anti- apartheid struggle pits them against the machinery of state oppression, and shapes their lives.

(Work in Progress) Non-fiction: Philosophy and Literature Merging: Innovative Insights into the Human Condition

Contemplating fundamental ideas about the human condition. Philosophical understanding of literature and literary understanding of philosophy provides us with firm ground for discovery.


Political Memoir–Inside Apartheid

Inside Apartheid (1988) bears witness to the horrors of living within the apartheid system from the perspective of a white activist. Levine, a crusading freelance journalist, was an elected public official, and she held office in many anti-apartheid organizations. She shares her love for the country as she fights against the tyranny of racism that tears at the lives of all South Africans. Inside Apartheid was reviewed in the New York Times Book Review, The New York Review of Books, Kirkus Review, et al.

Kirkus review: “A grim account by a white liberal South African expatriate of life “”in the belly of the beast”” that is apartheid. . .  A compelling, chastening work.” (Read more…)

Fiction—Leela’s Gift

Learn more about the book at

Janet’s latest book, a novel, “Leela’s Gift” (2009)  is available at and other online and brick bookstores. It describes a luminous inner journey that uncovers archetypal and highly relevant spiritual teachings including some of the secret teachings of Buddhism and the Enneagram.  Among these are meditation and yoga practices, practical paths to freedom from the often dispiriting quality of our contemporary lives.  “Leela’s Gift” intertwines modern philosophy and primal wisdom in telling a story as old as the human heart. You can read more about the novel and Janet’s work at


Her book, Know Your Parenting Personality: How To Use the Enneagram To Become The Best Parent You Can Be (2003) is available from John Wiley & Sons. It is filled with practical advice taken from interviews with scores of parents and uses the e-model as a tool to improve family dynamics. You can read more about the book at Since its publication, The Enneagram Intelligences: Understanding Personality for Effective Teaching and Learning (1999) from Greenwood Publishing Group has helped thousands of educators to understand their motivations for how they teach and how their students learn. In 2000 it was nominated for the 2001 Grawemeyer Education Award. Translated into several languages it is now regarded as a “classic” work in Enneagram studies. Both these books are available in e-book formats.

 Learn more about Janet’s work with the Enneagram.

Would you like to know your Enneagram personality profile? Based on a major study of over a thousand participants Janet has designed and refined specialized Triads Personality Indicators (TPI) one each for Educators, Students, and Parents. Once you complete the questionnaire you will be directed to your place on the E-model and then to your E-type. If you are at all curious please check out the relevant TPI now. Founder of Transforming Teaching Workshops, an educational enterprise dedicated to spreading knowledge of personality studies on education and related fields, in the 1990s she directed the National Educators Institute at Milton Academy. She has presented this work at conferences and workshops for many years, predominantly to educators at all levels and internationally.

Commitment to human rights

Janet has a life long commitment to human rights. She is a teacher—in the broadest sense of the word—in all she undertakes. She enjoyed her time in the classroom with her students, and continues her work supporting activist causes. The third part of her life’s passion is writing. Currently she is contemplating two new book projects. She loves writing her blog (see right hand column on this page) and connecting with hundreds (most days over a thousand) people whom comment on the blog.


What is Janet currently reading?



Best book I’ve read all winter? Hands down “Commonwealth” by Ann Patchett. In this, her seventh book, Patchett pulls out all the stops and much as in her previous best fiction Bel Canto  captures you and has you reading until 3.30 am. This is a multi-layered, sensitive and skillfully rendered tale of two blended families–four parents and six children. Patchett shifts points of view effortlessly so every character has his/her time on stage. Past and present change gears likewise without the reader even noticing. A read to cherish for many reasons. Read this book and find your own.



Recently read Desert Queen: The Extraordinary Life of Gertrude Bell by Janet Wallach. This is an easy to read biography of a remarkable Englishwoman. Gertrude Bell was born in the latter past of the Victorian era and died in the mid-1920s. Her life was truly extraordinary. She fell in love with what we now call the Middle East, became fluent in several Arabic languages, made her home in Baghdad, traveled the vast Arabian deserts by camel with only her Arab guide and cook, befriended many leaders of the warring tribes, became a British Intelligence officer during and in the aftermath of the First World War. She steered Iraq and Syria to statehood. She established a famous antiquities museum in Baghdad. (Destroyed by the USA in the Iraq War.) This book is utterly relevant now, as daily in the media we encounter the places she knew so well. A sterling adventurer. Wish someone would make a movie, I can see Meryl Streep or Cate Blanchett in the lead role.


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