Generation E: Creative Electric Energy

It is a rare gift in our busy lives to be able to step back, unplug, and find our core again–and a central purpose of our lives–in such a pristine setting. For the past almost a month that is what I have been doing in Rabun Gap county in the mountains of northern Georgia. I am writing a book on the material that can be found on this blog. The hours I’ve spent writing here have whizzed by.

One evening I drove on the valley road. There had been a rain shower in the area. The green hills were now purple, gray and deep brown–royal colors–with the white mist wreathing the valleys, ghosts from primeval times. We are a continuum of creativity and that is the presence here.

Some nights the sky is lit up with the flash lightning from electric storms over the mountains. They are magnificent. They are the outer expression of the inner flash lightning of my own writing and all the creativity of my fellow residents in this special place.

We may not all be writers, poets, artists, and musicians. But we are all creators of our own lives. We shape each moment, sculpt each day, and create music with the language we use and the emotions we evoke in that language. We write the story of our lives in the brush strokes of our relationships, the exquisite detail of the daily interactions with our loved ones, the broader strokes of work and social associations, the responsibility and love we show to our pets and gardens. We paint the colors of our lives with loves and hates, loyalty and disloyalty, passion and withholding.  Each day we create ourselves anew. Mary Oliver, a well-known modern American poet in her poem “Summer Days” famously asks:
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”

How You Can Find This Electric Energy

1. Follow your own dreams. Be passionate, creative, and believe in yourself.

2. Find the road map to your inner life so you can know what is your core purpose.

3. Learn what motivates you, and where the obstacles are to your own creativity.

4. Find and make ties with like-minded people who can help you sustain your dreams.

5. Never give up, no matter what the world tells you.

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