Leela’s Gift

An enlightening spiritual journey…

In this novel accompany Leela Patek, a well-regarded journalist, as she travels from Manhattan in New York City to an ashram in Darjeeling, India and back again. Leela is in India to reconnect with her deceased father’s (and her own) Indian family but finds herself compelled by the authentic presence of a spiritual master, Maharishi (great teacher), to undertake a different journey that includes a frightening yet inspiring dark retreat that uncovers the sacred gifts at the core of her being. What happens to her on her return? Read “Leela’s Gift” to find many answers to questions you did not know you were asking.

“I read almost the whole thing in one sitting, but realized I wanted to savor my connection with Leela and her world, so finished it the next day!  We need more boosts in the direction of higher consciousness…and the book is a wonderful journey of one woman ‘s entrance and furtherance in that direction. Thanks for Leela’s Gift, I accept it wholeheartedly…” JS, SF, CA 

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