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From Inspirational Faculty video, Milton Academy, 2018

“Janet Levine brings her wealth of experience with children and parents to this groundbreaking work applying the Enneagram to parenting styles. She  provides straightforward practical advice and specific practices for parents that are type specific. If you follow even a portion of her recommendations, it will enrich your relationship with your children and foster health promoting benefits.”

David Daniels, M.D.
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
Stanford Medical School

“Janet Levine’s newest book is to this generation of parents what Haim Ginott’s ‘Between Parent and Child’ was to the ’60s and Thomas Gordon’s “Parent  Effectiveness Training” was to the ’70s. This book addresses people who have the most motivation to bring about change: parents. They will find effective action strategies to promote greater understanding, compassion and self-esteem for both parent and child. I highly recommend this book to all parents.”

Sammylane Wirth, Ph.D.
Family Therapist, Parent Educator

“Janet Levine has written a wonderful book. She has translated and applied the material on personality typology in a manner, which is cogent, accessible and engaging for both clinicians and parents. This is an extremely valuable resource for everyone who seeks to understand parent-child interaction, and will help many individuals become more empathic toward themselves and the ones they love.”

Joseph G. Schaller, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist; Director, The Postgraduate Center,
and Adjunct Assistant Professor, The Institute for Graduate
Clinical Psychology, Widener University;
Private Practice with Children and Adults

“Janet Levine’s revolutionary and valuable new book directs readers to specific action programs to make lasting improvements within their family dynamics. It is clearly written, helpful and empowering; a must read for all parents, would-be parents, and professionals who work with parents.”


Sarah M. Drenan, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

“Every parent needs to have a toolkit of information to help make the job of parenting easier, more fulfilling, and successful. Janet Levine gives us one of the most effective tools for increasing our knowledge about how each of us functions. She shows us how to use that information to interact successfully with each child. Children are unique and have their own special needs and personalities. This book is a treasured gift for every parent and an invaluable tool for parenting every child.”

Anne Leedom
Editor and Publisher,

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