For Generation E: The Enneagram (E-model) Landscape

The Enneagram is a dynamic flow model of consciousness. Each of us defaults into one of nine positions on a circle. At each of these positions (called a Point) clusters of characteristics cling like pins on a magnet and contain the motivations for our behavior. However, no two people are the same, so the E-model describes the nine behavioral clusters to the nth degree thus accounting for each and every individual difference.

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Generation E is You; Meet the Enneagram

Do you yet know where consciousness resides? Is it situated differently if you are Indian, or Zambian, or Peruvian, or Irish? Of course not! Generation E and the E-model can inculcate mutual understanding as never before on our planet, Earth, this place we all call home.The E-model breaks down barriers of self and others in a remarkable way. It gives us understanding and compassion. It is a momentous step forward in redefining the nature of plurality in our world.

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