Generation E is my name for the first generation of adolescents of the first decade of the twenty first century. Generation E is synonymous with you who are learning ecological and environmental awareness, utilizing educational methodologies designed to help you function in a new world of technology with almost unimaginable advances in (for instance) health care, and training you in management skills and practical strategies that will (for instance) one day eliminate world poverty. Other Generation E young people are laying the seeds now to become life-long learners. For as Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great Transcendentalist philosopher, said, “Humankind’s greatest ability is the ability is change one’s mind.” To open one’s mind too.

But among these intellectual pursuits do you yet know where consciousness resides? Is it situated differently if you are Indian, or Zambian, or Peruvian, or Irish? Of course not! Generation E and the E-model can inculcate mutual understanding as never before on our planet, Earth, this place we all call home. The E-model breaks down barriers of self and others in a remarkable way. It gives us understanding and compassion. It is a momentous step forward in redefining the nature of  plurality in our world.

I have taught the E-model to young people and those who teach them from universities in Helsinki, Finland to the dusty townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I have taught the E-model to students and teachers in Canada, and England, and in schools and colleges across the United States of America. Wherever I teach there comes that moment when peoples’ eyes light up in recognition and a journey begins to truly know themselves. An Organizer girl in South Africa may use her task-driven attention in different ways to the Organizer young woman graduate student in a business leadership course in Helsinki, Finland. Or an Organizer young woman at a community college in Pueblo, Colorado, will avoid failure, as will an Ivy League bound young person in New England. Organizers everywhere will recognize their drive to complete tasks at all cost, the competitive nature of their inner selves, their avoidance of failure and their sense of entering a deep hole of “now what”, when the task is done, and the goal attained.

Generation E you are primed for adventures in self-awareness. Like most of us though, you do not know who you are, and what makes you behave the way you do. Take the first adventurous step, investigate the student inventory on the website Become conversant with the E-model, and help break down the racial, ethnic and national perceptions that divide us. Learn a new vocabulary and understand a comprehensive behavioural context. Imagine a world in which we all know our E-type. I have that vision, and like a perceptual tsunami, I know what a positive wave of consciousness it can generate.

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