As the June 21 summer solstice heralded the summer months many of us pulled out road maps to study the routes for our summer vacation trips. Do we want the scenic route through the mountains this time, or the quicker drive along the highway? Or maybe even we should try the third option we have always wanted to see­—the coastal route—even if it adds half a day to our drive time. Do we want to stay in a quaint B&B overnight and spend a few additional leisurely hours or does the hermetic and generic motel chain feel right for this trip? We compute miles and hours, consult Google maps for directions, maybe ask the AAA to compile a customized route map so we will know where to expect the road blocks and construction areas. Some of us call ahead and reserve rooms knowing we do not like to drive after dark, or for longer than eight hours at a stretch, or take a chance on a room being available. Others like to be spontaneous and stop along the way whenever and wherever highway exhaustion hits. But having a map, a route and a plan seems to be common sense and practice.

The Enneagram (e-model) maps the territory of our inner consciousness. We know that maps are never the territory, yet we all use them, as they certainly help us find our way; for none of us can drive blind fold! So why live the journey of your life blind fold when you have maps such as the e-model to point out directions to you? The e-model is the EEE of self-awareness—Expanded horizons, Expertise at knowing yourself and others, and an Explanation for what motivates our behavior. We are all traveling along the highways and byways of our life’s path—and the only sure direction we know is that of birth to death, an involuntary journey and none of us knows how long it will take. There are many such maps as the e-model and they put before us options so we can make wise choices about how to live our lives. We would all like to learn warning signals when we are about to go off the road, or how we can avoid accidents. Fortunately you can check out the e-model map (it comes with directions) at

Have a wonderful summer filled with journeys and discoveries.

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